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Three-phase over-current detector

Three-phase over-current detector

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Product Description

This controller is suitable for detect the compressor current and three-phase
Make the compressor to get good protection
Simple Installation
                                Three-phase over-current detecting board controller

  This controller is designed for detecting the compressor current and provide protection to avoid it from being too high or too low. It also provides phase lack , phase dislocation and phase omission protection, has pass EMC industrial standard certificate.
1、Three-phase 220V , three-phase 380V detecting
2、It provides phase lack , phase dislocation and phase omission protection.   
3、It can set the over-current protection value by itself.   
4、If the over-current is about 0.5A higher than the setting value for 5 seconds continuously, it will alarm
5、If the over-current is about 1A lower than the setting value for 3 minutes continuously, it will recover to a normal condition.        
6、If it alarms three times during 30 minutes, it will not recover
Technical parameters:
1、Accuracy:-30°C~50°C,±1°C±0.5dig; others, ±2°C±0.5dig
2、Mounting size: 100×100×40mm
3、 Power supply: 220±10%(VAC), 50/60Hz or 380±10%(VAC), 50/60Hz
4、Power consumption:<12W
5、Storage temperature:-25°C~50°C
6、Port output capacity:
7、PTXL0000-0490A002 (1pcs),




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