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Celebrating Chico’s national innovation project accepted,expecting high-tech project recheck

2016-7-8 15:24:10

Celebrating Chico’s national innovation project accepted,

expecting high-tech project recheck

-Warmly congratulates Chico won the national innovation fund of heat pump unit smart controller


      Chico Electronic Inc. has finished the project called Fund of technology innovation of technological corporation which is organized by Ministry of Science and Technology-heat pump unit smart controller. This project completed final review and was affirmed by experts group with a high score. This success is a good beginning for more Chico’s national high-tech projects in the future.

      The experts group of nine people came from the administration center of national innovation funds, Chinese Academy of Sciences Guangdong branch, Science and Technology Bureau and council economic promotion. They came to our company and had the spot review.

      At 9:30, the experts group visited Chico factory and the smart controller production workshop. They focused on production technology and quality inspection standard. And they learn on spot how the project operates under such environment and highly affirmed the spot achievements.


      From 10:00 to 11:00 this morning, at Chico headquarters, our CEO Mr. Li Baiyao reported to the evaluation group focusing on progress of implementation and actual performance. It won sincere applause from experts and leader group for rigorous scientific approach, production standards for excellence and spirit of actively changed innovation.



      From 11:00 to 11:45, professional group began an individual data check and opinion discussion. The project heat pump unit smart controller presented by Chico was unanimously approved by all evaluation group members with a final high score of 90-----an excellent achievement. It passed evaluation and won the  acceptance of national innovation fund.

      This successful acceptance marks that Chico smart controllers for heat pumps won the confirmation from Ministry of Science and Technology once again. This is a great support and encouragement for Chico to have a long term persistence and constant accumulation in the field of heat pump smart controller. And this will urge Chico people to continue exploring in the field of smart controllers.

      After this acceptance, it will bring national high-tech project review to Chico. On the road of enterprise development, we will insist on the value concept “ Wisdom leads dreams and technology creates future ”.