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Multi-function heat pump Controller CC570N

Multi-function heat pump Controller CC570N

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Product Description

This controller is suitable for domestic heat pump
Automatic control constant temperature
Intelligent defrost 、Auxiliary electrical heating
Simple operation
                                      Multi-function domestic heat pump Controller
  This controller is designed for domestic heat pump heat pump , suitable for all in one heat pump or split type heat pump. Single compressor control , with strongly system protection ,has pass EMC industrial standard certificate. The controller with advance functions and groundbreaking applications for the HVAC market.
1、With touch key LCD display , quick parameter setting, easy operation
2、Intelligent defrost control mode, more stable and energy saving,
3、Power off memory function
4、EEV control function
5、Two work modes: Energy-saving mode, heating mode
6、Five way control output: Compressor ,Cycle water pump, Fan motor…etc
7、Six way sensor input: Water tank temperature sensor, Outlet water temperature sensor, Climate temperature sensor…etc
8、Three way switch input : Compressor high pressure switch ,Compressor low pressure switch ,Water flow switch.
Technical parameters:
1、Measuring range:-30°C~99°C
2、Controlling range:-30°C~99°C;
3、Accuracy:-30°C~50°C,±1°C±0.5dig; others, ±2°C±0.5dig
4、Mounting size: 110×90×25mm   
5、 Power supply: 220±10%(VAC), 50/60Hz
6、Power consumption:<12W
7、Storage temperature:-25°C~50°C
8、Senor type: NTC(5KΩ/25°C,B value 3470K;50K/25°C, B value 3490K)
9、Port output capacity:
     Compressor: 20A/250VAC
     Cycle water pump: 5A/250VAC
     Others: 5A/250VAC
10、Product list: RBJY0000-0570N001 (1pcs), LCD display(1pcs), Connect wire(1PCS), Transformer(1PCS), temp. sensor(6PCS).





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