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Solar heat pump controller CC347

Solar heat pump controller CC347

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Product Description

This controller is suitable for domestic heat pump
Automatic control constant temperature
High temperature disinfection 、solar control
Simple operation
                                 All in one domestic heat pump Controller(with solar control)

  This controller is designed for domestic heat pump heat pump , suitable for all in one heat pump(with solar control). Single compressor control , with strongly system protection ,has pass EMC industrial standard certificate. The controller with advance functions and groundbreaking applications for the HVAC market.
1、With LCD display , quick parameter setting, easy operation
2、Intelligent defrost control mode, more stable and energy saving,
3、Power off memory function
4、EEV control function
5、Working modes: Heating mode 、High temperature disinfection mode
6、Solar control function
7、24 hour cycle Timing ON/OFF function
8、Seven way control output: Compressor , Auxiliary heater, solar circulating pump…etc
9、Six way sensor input: Upper water tank temperature sensor, Lower water tank temperature sensor, Climate temperature sensor…etc
10、Five way switch input : Compressor high pressure switch ,Compressor low pressure switch , Emergency switch…etc
Technical parameters:
1、Measuring range:-30°C~99°C
2、Controlling range:-30°C~99°C;
3、Accuracy:-30°C~50°C,±1°C±0.5dig; others, ±2°C±0.5dig
4、Mounting size: 150×95×25mm   
5、 Power supply: 220±10%(VAC), 50/60Hz
6、Power consumption:<12W
7、Storage temperature:-25°C~50°C
8、Senor type: NTC(5KΩ/25°C,B value 3470K;)
9、Port output capacity:
     Compressor: 20A/250VAC
     Auxiliary heater: 20A/250VAC
     Others: 5A/250VAC
10、Product  list: RBYT0000--03470010 (1pcs),LCD display (1pcs), ,Transformer(1PCS), temp. sensor(6PCS)




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